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Fulfillment of Internet Transactions - Foreign Currency or Loan Advances

Increasing consumer requirements for easy fulfillment of internet transactions has led to the creation of the Click & Collect solution. Using a Card + Internet or Business provided Reference Code, the ATM can complete a financial transaction

Foreign Exchange

Order and pay for Foreign Currency on the internet. Collect at the airport via the ATM. No more standing in line to collect Foreign Exchange

Loan Advances

Applying for loans online is a fast expanding business opportunity. Fulfilling these loans for consumers without bank accounts is difficult. A free-standing ATM can fulfill these loans 24 hours a day by providing the consumer with a card and reference code


The consumer is provided with a receipt for all transactions - detailing the exact facts and figures surrounding the internet transaction

Accept or Decline

The ATM provides an opportunity for the consumer to 'Accept' or 'Decline' the transaction. Full details of the transaction are displayed on the screen with the consumer requested to 'Accept' or 'Decline' the transaction

Any Denomination, Any Currency

5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500..... Bills

£, €, $, ¥, zł, kr, ₺, .....

Supports NCR Dual Dispenser ATMs

Receipt - Graphics More

Easy Operator Interface

Easy Voucher Reference Code Entry

Up to 8 Cash Cassettes in ATM

Integrated Marketing Capability

Easy connect to Business Systems



Providing a dedicated ATM for employees

Many enterprises may have a need to provide cash to their employees for a variety of reasons. The Company Cash solution is an integrated turnkey solution to provide ATM cards to employees allowing access to cash from a dedicated, company owned ATM

Automate Cash Advances to Employees

The Company Cash ATM Solution has been designed to integrate easily into any accounting package and little development is required to support the ATM

The accounting package just needs to keep track of cards issued and balances on the cards - the ATM manages the cash issuing process

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